If You Still Want Calorie Information

A large, free-range egg is 7g of fat and 7g of protein. 

But as fat is more nutrient dense so if you are needing a guide by calories an egg is 65% fat, 35% protein

A medium egg which is not free range or / and not feed naturally will not have such a good ratio.

100g of ribeye is 22g fat and  24g protein and a lot of water

Archaeological Science

Using Nitrogen Isotope testing we can tell that humans have evolved eating mostly meat and animal products.

The science is here.

Humans designed to eat meat

From the excellent website

Humans have a much longer small intestine for nutrient absorption and a shorter hindgut (cecum and colon) for the fermentation of vegetable fibers than do other primates.  The distribution of intestines are completely opposite of one another. This fact disproves the idea that apes and humans have the same gut length and therefore share similar dietary needs.  There is obviously a huge difference in the ancestral diet between man and ape to explain this dramatic difference.