Fibre Destroyed the Colon

In this interview, window cleaner and 'Kent Carnivore' YouTuber Lee shares his journey with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and digestive issues that led him to try the carnivore diet. He explains why he believes the diet has been so transformative for his health and well-being.

T1D Managed On Carnivore

Aimee is a type 1 diabetic who has been following a high-fat carnivore diet for a few years. In this interview, Amy discusses her journey to becoming a carnivore and how it has helped her manage her type one diabetes. 

Unclogged Her Arteries

Audra shares about her health journey, including her coronary artery calcium scores and how a previous sugar addiction led her to try various diets and ultimately undergo weight loss surgery. She discovered the carnivore diet and decided to stick with it after seeing the amazing results, including weight loss and improved mental clarity.

From Pain To Health

Frustrated with his health struggles, Jonathan decided to take a closer look at the carnivore diet. He experimented with a carnivorous eating pattern during his teenage years, which involved consuming canned tuna and eggs. Although it may seem unconventional, this simple approach yielded positive results for Jonathan

125lb Weight Loss!

In this interview, Susan Myers shares her journey with the carnivore diet. She talks about how she struggled with digestive issues and mental health problems for most of her life, and how she tried different diets before finally discovering carnivore.

Conquering Constipation 

Jessalyn Randle initially started a carnivore diet to lose weight but stuck with it because of the other benefits. She was struggling with chronic constipation, acne, and irregular weight before the carnivore diet. Her mental health also improved significantly on the diet.

Won't believe how old she is!

Join Laura in this interview where she discusses her journey into becoming a carnivore and the incredible changes she experienced in her health and appearance. She shares how she transitioned from a standard diet to a ketogenic diet and eventually found the carnivore lifestyle. Laura opens up about her struggles with weight gain, sugar cravings, and health issues like hair loss and macular degeneration. She also talks about the positive effects of a carnivore diet, including improved energy levels, weight loss, and rejuvenated skin. This inspiring interview highlights the power of the carnivore lifestyle in transforming health and well-being.

Overcoming Chronic Illness

Join Ribeye Rachael in this interview as she shares her inspiring journey of how she overcame chronic illnesses through the carnivore diet. Rachel discusses her initial skepticism, her struggles with various chronic conditions, and her decision to try the carnivore diet after hearing positive stories. She explains the improvements she experienced, her transition to an animal-based approach, and the role her supportive family played in her healing journey. Rachael also emphasizes the importance of addressing the nervous system and shares her unique perspective on Lyme disease and the body's innate ability to heal.

Carnivore Transformed Mental Health and Physical Perfommance

In this interview, Nick shares his personal journey with the carnivore diet and how it transformed his mental health and physical performance. After years of struggling with depression, anxiety, and weight gain, Nick decided to try the carnivore diet as a last resort. Within 8 months, he experienced significant weight loss, improved gym performance, and most importantly, a dramatic improvement in his mental health. Nick believes that the carnivore diet helped him achieve a natural body weight and provided him with mental clarity and stability. He discusses his training routine, the impact of the diet on his shoulder injury, and offers advice to those considering the carnivore diet

Nic's Instagram

From Pain to Power: A Journey of Health and Athletic Performance

Join Rebecca as she shares her incredible journey from years of chronic pain and digestive issues to finding relief and achieving optimal athletic performance through the carnivore diet. Learn how Rebecca transitioned to a carnivore lifestyle, overcame her sugar addiction, and improved her cycling performance without relying on gels or power bars. Discover her tips for navigating social situations and her experience with coffee on carnivore. She also shares her favorite electrolyte and tallow cream brands for optimal health and skincare. Don't miss this inspiring story of pain to power and the transformative effects of a carnivore diet.

From Unsustainable Diet to 'Easy Carnivore

Join Julianne as she shares her journey from severe caloric restriction to adopting a carnivore diet. In this interview, she discusses her struggles with weight loss and body image, as well as her experience with different diets. Julianne explains why she chose to try the carnivore diet, the results she has achieved in terms of weight loss and overall health, and how it has positively impacted her athletic performance. She also offers advice to those considering the carnivore diet and emphasizes the importance of finding a supportive community on this journey to optimal health.

Incredible Health Benefits From Losing 65 lbs

In our recent interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole, also known as the "former-fat-girl," who shared her inspiring story of overcoming emotional eating and finding food freedom. Nicole's journey began at a young age when she turned to food as a means of coping with the loss of her brother. Over the years, her emotional eating habits escalated, leading to weight gain and a number of health issues. However, with determination and a focus on her mental and emotional well-being, Nicole was able to transform her relationship with food and achieve significant weight loss.

A Journey Of Transformation

Join Mark Ennis as he shares his incredible journey from being bullied and developing eating disorders to finding the carnivore approach. In this inspiring interview, Mark discusses how he overcame his struggles with weight, body image, and anorexia. He explains his transition from being overweight to becoming a rugby player, only to realize that he still didn't feel good. Mark then delves into his discovery of the carnivore approach and how it has transformed his health and life. As a passionate coach, Mark now helps others on their own transformational journeys by educating and supporting them through a phased approach to the carnivore lifestyle.

This Went Viral

Rachel shares her personal journey of how she accidentally stumbled upon the carnivore diet and how it completely transformed her health and happiness. From struggling with depression, anxiety, and weight gain to finding mental clarity, vibrant energy, and effortless weight loss, Rachel's story is a testament to the power of a species-appropriate diet. Despite initial skepticism from friends and family, she has become a living example of the benefits of the carnivore lifestyle. Rachel also discusses her experience as a carnivore coach and her new venture in creating clean skincare products from tallow.

As Seen With Shawn Baker

In this video, Lindy shares her incredible journey of transforming her life by following the carnivore diet. Starting at a weight of over 770 pounds, Lindy decided to make a change on her 50th birthday. She struggled with various diets in the past, but found success with the simplicity of the carnivore diet. Lindy talks about her physical and mental transformations, from improved blood markers and inflammation levels to increased energy and freedom in her daily life. Despite facing skepticism from friends and family, Lindy encourages others to give the carnivore diet a try for 30, 60, or 90 days and experience the potential life-changing effects for themselves.

Kidney Disease to Healthy

Join us as we delve into the extraordinary story of Eric, who defied all odds by reversing his stage 5 kidney disease naturally without the need for dialysis or a transplant. Just a few years ago, Eric's health was deteriorating rapidly, and he relied on regular dialysis treatments to sustain his life. However, his life took a dramatic turn when he adopted a meat-based diet and witnessed a remarkable transformation. After a period of time, Eric's nephrologist was astonished to discover that his kidney function had improved so significantly that he no longer required dialysis. Watch as Eric shares his journey, the disbelief of many doctors, and his restored kidney function backed by medical tests. Witness the power of dietary changes and the resilience of the human body in this remarkable tale.  

20lbs Off in 40 Days! At 84 years-old!

Yet another fantastic carnivore success story. They just keep mounting up. Two more to be recorded this week alone!

Richard is 84 years young and boy what a fabulous bloke! 

Strong, fit and interested. Come on guys you can stay young and healthy if you take control of your life and control the INFORMATION you are fed.

Research and learn about the best way to look after your health and strength.

Brain function too. 

Achieving Health on Keto

Join Roxana in this interview as she shares her incredible 4-year keto journey. She discusses her initial doubts, weight loss stall, and the amazing health benefits she experienced. Roxanna also talks about the challenges of food addiction and how fasting played a crucial role in overcoming insulin dependence. She aims to spread awareness about the misconceptions surrounding nutrition and weight loss and inspire others to take charge of their health through keto. Don't miss this inspiring story of determination and transformation!

An Inspiring Fitness Journey

Join Neil Keddy as he shares his incredible fitness journey, from losing 25 kilos in just 3 months to regaining his strength. He discusses his association with Richard Smith, the Keto pro, and how they worked together to prove that strength can be achieved on a low-carb diet. Neil talks about the benefits of the Keto diet on his recovery rate and how it has transformed his workouts. He also sheds light on his gym, KED's Gym, which focuses on supporting disability athletes and creating a friendly community. Don't miss this inspiring conversation filled with valuable fitness insights!

262 Lbs Of Fat Gone!

Watch Shaun talk about his journey. 

Halved His Body Fat

With guidance from Keto Savage, Alan achieved a body fat reduction from 10% to 5%. For the complete story and detailed insights, watch out for our video interview!

Emphasizing the value of rigorous training, Alan believes, "Stimulation of training catalyzes growth." A follower of Shawn Baker from his early days, Alan also credits the keto lifestyle for curing his chronic acid reflux issue — a problem he had battled daily for years.

150lb Fat Loss

Emily talks about how she went up to 300lbs and then with keto, carnivore and fasting managed to lose 150lbs.

Off 9 Medications and Saved from Brain Surgery

The amazing health journey of Amanda. Nutrition got her life back.

Once she was bed-bound

She could not drive a car for over a year

All turned around thanks to a video on youtube

Ribeye Rachel had intracranial pressure and tried carnivore to fix it.

0:00 Introduction

03:00 Back story

15:00 How carnivore helped

23:00 Tips for newbies

Food Freedom & More Energy!

Welcome to yet another carnivore success story.

Mark now has freedom from food obsession

He's able to control intake of food easily

He has even levels of energy.




Karen's 60lb Fat Loss

Karen Miles is a very inspiring 62 year old PE teacher who has lost over 60lbs since starting her low carb journey

0:00 Introduction

1:55 Dr Ken Berry talking about carnivore convinced Karen to try it

4:35 In 3 days some pains had gone! Even sciatica

7:10 Off blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and cpap! All no longer needed

8:34 The carnivore community and influencers (like Bella the Steak and Butter Gal)

11:45 More people trying it and some tips and tricks

16:48 Foods that are not carnivore that get eaten and cause knee pains

Phillip's 50lb fat loss and health journey

Phillip has a condition called panhypopituitarism. This requires quite a lot of medication and one issue is weight gain. Find out how carnivore has not only resulted in fat loss but also some other health benefits too.

120lb Weight Loss Journey

Amy describes how 'going keto' in 2019 was the beginning of a journey that led to eating the carnivore way.

Dropping a great deal of weight during the last 2 years and coming off all her medications

Nicola's 100lb Weight Loss & More!

Nicola has kindly shared her experience of losing over 100lbs and her journey from Keto to carnivore.

Having lost so so much on Keto but then experiencing a weight loss stall Nicola went to carnivore and saw some surprising extra health benefits.

Kevin's Conquering Multiple Sclerosis

In 2011 Kevin was told he had M.S and that he would have this chronic progressive disease forever.

Fast forward to 2021 and after trying many different diets he finally found one that has meant he can;

Walk without a cane

Build 10lb of muscle to add to his 6 foot 4 frame

Have more mental clarity.

It's early days but his balance has improved and it seems like things are all moving in the right direction at last.

Listen to a very inspiration and informative chat.

Olivia's Fatigue Is Gone, Along with 37lbs!

Olivia is Danish 📍

And she is...

Thriving on the carnivore diet 🥩

She has...

Healed: lichen sclerosis, digestive issues and severe fatigue

At the time of the video she is...

Down 17kg / 37.5lbs since December 2020

Maranda's 18lb weight loss journey (in 8 weeks)

Very brief chat about how 8 weeks of this new way of eating is working out for her.

Emma's Improved Gut Health and Brain Function

After 6 years of being Vegan Emma's gut health was not so good. Since trying the carnivore diet she's seen improvements in gut health and brain function.

Luis 30lbs Down So Far!

Luis is a pharmacist in the USA and has been coached over the last few months.

He is part way through his journey but has some news to share.

He has lost 30lbs so far

Body fat percentage is down 11.8%

And he is finding it easier than any other way to lose weight that he has evert tried.

Pastor David Off Metformin, 21lbs Lost So Far

Mias Has More Energy And Stamina

Hear from Mias as he talks about having

Nanci's 85lb Weight Loss and Easing Cerebral Palsy

Nanci is an ex-nurse who I met through my MeatRx coaching. Her story is not finished yet but I think you'll find it inspiring. 

Nanci's journey started a few years back thanks to seeing Dr Ken Berry and visiting She went Keto and lost an astonishing 80lbs.

Sadly after such a great start the weight loss stalled. 

Then she went on YouTube and saw Dr Shawn baker. An online challenge was running and she decided to go all in!

Nanci was suffering from cerebral palsy and just sitting. Initially she gained 25lbs back but was not deterred and after speaking to a coach she realised she was not as faithful as she really needed to be. She has now lost 30 lbs since then but even when she had gained the weight she was feeling better and better health wise.

She's found coaching to be helpful and wants people to know that she now can exercise and move. She even has started lifting weights! Her final word of advice, 'health will be fixed first then the weight loss will come.'

Karen's Started Working Out at 77!

Wow what a guest speaker!

Karen has a great deal to say about how carnivore has helped her.

Karen's suffered with a very bad knee injury for many years but carnivore has helped that too!

21 Years Carnivore

One of the most common questions I encounter is 'is this way of eating sustainable?'

Rich seems to be a pretty good answer, 'yes!'

Hear Rich talk about his change to eating high protein from 1999. 

Twenty-one years later he seems to be doing just great!

Kat's Breathing And General Health Improved

Kat has been ill pretty much since childhood and is a very active person.

Now her health is changing after deciding to try carnivore.

A few years ago Atkins helped her and then she tried Keto, with some success.

It is only in the last year that Kat feels that she has "taken the first full breath in her adult life."

100lb Weight Loss

Richard thanks his wife for putting him onto the right path to health.

Going from low carb to ketovore and finally carnivore has seen Richard's weight lower dramatically and his health to continue to improve.

Phil's Gut Health Improved and Muscle Is Gaining

Phil follows the carnivore way of eating and has seen his sleep improve along with his gut health.

He also follows a personal training program and is adding muscle for the first time in his life.

James' Struggle to ADD Muscle FIXED!

Not everyone comes to me to lose fat. Some folk struggle to gain muscle and feel understrength.

(NOTE: IMPORTANTLY HE DID NOT GAIN OR LOSE ANY WEIGHT. He just improved body composition.)

James was struggling to put on muscle even though he works an active job that requires strength and 'eats a lot of food'

Two months ago we did a full body composition analysis and he decided he needed to eat differently.

Stem Cell Enhance makes an extra difference

Emma has been on StemEnhance supplements and has noticed improvements in skin and hair.

She has also seen increases in energy and mental clarity. Focusing on video editing for over 10 hours a day has become much more manageable.

To see more about the stem enhance ultra just click here

Online Reviews

Stephen said stay the course and let the body heal, he was right!

Claire wanted to gain weight, muscle and bone, not fat

Jacqui & Francie

Enjoyed the coaching

Collin & Martin

Stephen is knowledgeable

Paula & Jack

Good at listening

Gina, James & Kasey


Emma & Robert

Easy to talk to

Karen, Mandy & Maranda



Coaching was a blessing


Extremely knowledgeable

Walt & Nanci

Easy to talk with


Rated 5 out of 5

Lark Garr (verified owner) – March 26, 2020

Thanks Stephen! Had a great session talking about exercising at home while we’re all in isolation. Helped me work out what I can use around the house to continue the resistance and strength training I have been doing in the gym regularly for the past few years. Discovered a 6kg bag of kitty litter is perfect for bicep curls, weighted walking lunges etc etc. So great to talk to a carnivore strength coach and to get video feedback on how I was doing my daily pushups! Your genuine care and passionate interest in helping folks is much appreciated. Thank you.

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