Canadian booking page

5 sessions for the price of 4!

380 CAD (save 10%)

When you book 5 sessions in a block booking, you not only save 10% but also unlock a multitude of benefits:

By taking advantage of the block booking discount, you not only save money but also set yourself up for a more structured and effective approach to achieving your health and wellness objective

What does coaching also include?

1. The website has a great deal of free resources, guides to what food to eat, where to find doctors that understand this way of eating, meal plans and troubleshooting online help. All can be found here

2. Also available is the 'skool' website. This is a free community based platform with loads of friendly and knowledgable people all following a low-carb, keto or carnivore way of eating. There you can ask questions and talk to others online. 

Just click here to join

3. There is a also a live Q&A session, if you join the skool, every Monday at 5pm UK time.

4. On Sunday at 7pm UK time I offer a free one hour Livestream Q&A on my YouTube channel.


A. Group coaching every Monday night at 6pm UK time. The sessions are just $7.99 USD or £6.25 GBP

B. eBook guides at just $9.99 USD or £7.80 GBP


Book a 30 minute online initial consultation

Consider booking a 30-minute online initial consultation to kickstart your journey towards better health. This brief session has the potential to save you significant time and effort by guiding you toward the right actions from the start.


When scheduling your consultation, you'll receive a link to complete an online health and activity profile, which should only take about 5 minutes to fill out. This profile will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your 30-minute consultation, allowing us to delve straight into the heart of the matter.

Upon completing the booking process, a Zoom link will be automatically generated, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless connection for your consultation.

You can book in Canadian Dollars

Online Initial Consultation

165 CAD

Half hour initial consultation online.

If you have any questions it's the best use of your time to have them prepared beforehand. You can email me prior to the session with any information you feel might help make the time more effective for you.




Following an initial appointment, particularly after at least 7 days, a follow-up appointment can offer numerous benefits:

In addition to these benefits, follow-up appointments can promote continuity of care, encouragement, and further enhance the patient-provider relationship. Building trust and engagement over time is crucial for fostering an ongoing relationship that supports your long-term well-being.

In conclusion, a follow-up appointment after an initial visit is essential for ensuring that you receive the best possible care, and that any concerns you have are being effectively managed.

30 Minute Session & 4-Week Online Exercise Program 

99 CAD

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our package, which includes:

To make the most of your consultation, we encourage you to prepare any questions or relevant information in advance. Feel free to email us prior to the session, ensuring that our time together is tailored to your specific needs for a maximally effective experience.