Podcast Appearances

Common Sense

Shawn and Stephen discuss their shared passion for exercise as well as Stephen's recent experimentation with taking breaks from exercise while maintaining strength as well as the only supplement you need on the carnivore diet: exercise. Full interview: https://youtu.be/ZBwI0eQoOu4

Overhyped Veganism?

Shawn and Stephen talk about the perception of veganism in the US versus reality of the situation and the sales of fake meat companies tanking. Stephen has been experimenting with applying as a volunteer for medical trials and finds he is not represented in screening questionnaires. 

Stephen cautions to be skeptical of people in positions of authority, as they are not in it for your health but their own interests. Full interview: https://youtu.be/ZBwI0eQoOu4

Dr. Shawn Baker's Podcast

Coach Stephen Thomas is 58 years old and has been carnivore since his 55th birthday. He holds a BSc. (Hons.) having studied physiology and health sciences. In the UK he holds specialist practitioner status in managing Obesity and Diabetes (UK qualified) and he is also a qualified phlebotomist which means heis quite lucky in having access to blood work.

His main interest in his professional life is understanding how the human body works and applying that knowledge to help people either regain health or optimise those that are already reasonably fit.

His personal low-carb journey started at age 50 when he started began that way and then he did what most people do and I eventually tried Keto. The obvious progression from there was to try carnivore, it was by 55th birthday. This was also when he studied under Dr Shawn Baker at MeatRx (now Revero) to become a certified online Coach.  Currently he has over 500 reviews from happy clients from that platform and from the Steak and Butter Gang too. Recently he began to document all the transformations in health and body composition and has a growing daily library of video success stories that he is immensely proud of and will be continually adding to.

He has recently set up a new online community just for carnivores. It has tons of free videos all about the physiology and health benefits of eating low carb, articles, success stories and even a weekly zoom Q&A. The space is free from dogma and trolls! He'd love anyone to check it out and give feedback: 


Steak & Butter Girl

Coach Stephen Thomas is a specialist in Diabetes, Obesity, Physical Training, Pain Management, Postural Analysis, and Phlebotomy. He joins me today to share his steps to reverse Insulin Resistance and how to exercise for maximum results and fat loss. 

Ivor Cummins

Detailed chat with Stephen Thomas on the optimum diet to reverse diabetes, autoimmune and many other conditions - he's achieving stunning success with his clients - you can too...!  Find Stephen here https://www.ketocarnivore.co.uk/ and at his more technically detailed site here: https://www.optimalhealthcoaching.co.uk/

Confident Carnivore

In this episode, Stephen (age 56) debunks and dispels many popular myths and misconceptions about nutrition, fitness, and ageing. 

Before going carnivore, Stephen was eating low carb, which was a big improvement on the high carb diet he had been eating his entire life. Still, on low carb, results were not as good as he wanted. While eating high carb, low fat, Stephen was a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament, and run most middle distance races, but he wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, and had athlete’s foot among other issues, and he wasn’t at his optimal weight. 

As Stephen lowered carbs, he moved toward being a thinner, fitter athlete, but he is much healthier on a carnivore diet. On carnivore, his body fat percentage dropped and his muscle mass increased; his pre-diabetes athlete’s foot, and facial skin rash are gone; and he has more energy and is stronger than he’s ever been. Stephen has zero lower back pain when he had been told at age 23 that he’d be in a wheelchair by age 50!

Read Stephen's success story on MeatRx: https://meatrx.com/stephen-improved-h...

Stephen possesses the following certifications:

- Specialist Practitioner: Level 4 Qualified in Physical Activity and Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients

- Active IQ Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance

- Specialist Practitioner, Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain

- Level 4 Personal Trainer

- Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation ™ Cert. AOSM 

- Advanced osteopathic spinal manipulation

- Medical Acupuncture Cert. AMA 

- Advanced Medical Acupuncturist

- Qualified Phlebotomist (able to draw venous blood for analysis and testing) 

- Level 3 Qualified with training and assessment by PRO Phlebotomy Training Limited, accredited by the NCFE

See what Stephen eats daily: https://www.ketocarnivore.co.uk/

Book Stephen for personal training: https://www.zerocarbcoach.com/

Book Stephen at Optimal Health Coaching: https://www.optimalhealthcoaching.co.uk/

Book Stephen for a coaching session at MeatRx: https://meatrx.com/product/stephen-t/

Check out our website: www.confidentcarnivore.com

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