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Discover the features and benefits of the Carnivore Experience app in this informative video. Join me as I walk you through the various sections of the app, including how to unlock content, access the Secrets Course, and navigate through the Carnivore Science course.

Learn about the 30 Day Kickstart program and the 30 Plus Advantage for those who want additional support on their carnivore journey. Explore the community tab to connect with like-minded individuals and participate in discussions on food, health concerns, and more.

Plus, find out how the tracking feature allows you to monitor your progress and customize your experience on the app. Immerse yourself in the carnivore lifestyle with this comprehensive app!

Hello everyone. Just to tell you have finally released my ebook all about carnivore, how to start it, how to stay on it and what to eat etc.

With tips about motivation, social situations and handling friends and family that don't understand what you are doing.

A paperback version is available on Amazon with and there's a kindle light version that does not include the meal plan.

📙 How To Be Carnivore Book

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Guide To Bloods Book

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📘 Diabetes Decoded Paperback UK


Fat loss Paperback UK


Build Muscle Paperback UK


If you fancy the eBook then you can purchase it below.

Simple and easy guide to eating

Don't over complicate things. Here we present graphical guides to meal frequency

Free shopping list builder: Practical help

Make writing your carnivore shopping list a breeze with our free tool

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Community support helps your progress

Meet other like-minded people and get sneak peeks at new videos and information

Simple and easy to follow plans

Follow a few simple steps and I'll have a plan just for you. Fully online and interactive

Health benefits: Science based

The truth about LDL, Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, Reversing Diabetes and much more

The Shocking Truth about Fruit and Veg

Discover that your apples could be over a year old and other surprising truths about fruit

Fasting : All you need to know

Learn all about the different types of fasting and what happens when you fast

Electrolytes : Basics you need to know

This is not a section selling supplements but about what electrolytes are

Blood Glucose : All you need to know

Find out why the HbA1c might be flawed, test your insulin resistance and more

With my BSc (Hons) in physiology and health sciences, and my background in sport and conditioning science, as well as the psychological aspects of athletic development, I am well-equipped to present a range of suggestions to help you on your road to optimal health.

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